Snip the web

With the Snip!t bookmarklet installed:

1 select the text of interest in the browser window

2 click the Snip!it bookmarklet (see "add a Snip!t bookmarklet").

snipping on the web

3 a new Snip!t window pops up containing your snip. See that it has the text of your snip and also the URL and page title.

4 select "Save !t 4 later"

5 the pop-up wondow changes to say the snip has been saved
you can close this window now or ...

6 select 'my Snip!t' to see your saved snips

viewing snips in mySnip!t

From here you can ...

7 review your snips and revisit the web pages they came from

8 add snips by hand (see "Snip notes")

9 sort and view your snips by categories and share them using channels (see "sort Snips" and "share Snips")

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