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You can share your Snip!t collection with others using Channels

1 your Channels are listed on your mySnip!t page below the Categories. They are like ordinary categories except that any snips in a Channel can also be seen by other people. Notice the Channels, just like Categories, can have sub-categories.

2 you create Channels through the "manage categories" page (just like Categories)

3 all you do is create a category as part of 'Channels' or as a sub-category of an existing channel.

creating a new channel

4 when you are looking at a Channel in your mySnip!t page, you will see a link to share the channel

5 this points to a page (similar to your mySnip!t page) that other people are allowed to see. You can link to this public channel page from your web page, email it to friends, etc.

6 your Channels also have an RSS feed which you can access from your mySnip!t page and link to

RSS feed

7 and if someone is looking at your public Channel page they also can get the RSS feed for the channel

8 they can then add this to their browser or other RSS feed reader

Snip!t channel in a feed reader

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