Snip suggest

Whenever you make a snip, Snip!t looks at the contents and tries to work out what kind of thing it is. If Snip!t recognises your snip, it makes suggestions of what actions you might want to do with it.

1 while browsing a web page you select and snip a postcode

2 the Snip!t window appears and below the snip are a number of 'Actions' that you might want to do with a postcode - look up local news, get a map of the area, etc.
NOTE: these actions are often links to third party web pages, we try to choose useful and accurate sources, but cannot guarantee quality or correctness.

Snip suggest

3 the actions are also available from the View Snip page (from mySnip!t). For example, this is a snip of a date:

snipped date

4 currently Snip!t recognises UK post codes, dates, people's names, ISBN numbers, IP addresses, email addresses, domain names, simple mathematical expressions, ... the list keeps growing smartie

5 Try it out, see what Snip!t makes of the following:
LA1 4YR Snip!t
SW1A 2AJ Snip!t
Brad Pitt Snip!t
Dix, Prof. Alan Snip!t (N.B. not SO clever doesn't know Alan is not a film star!)
J.K. Rowlings Snip!t
the quik brwon fox jumped ower the lazy dog Snip!t
single words:
superfluous Snip!t
brwon Snip!t
URLs and domain:
http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/ Snip!t
www.makepovertyhistory.org Snip!t
IP address: Snip!t
simple expressions:
3+7-2 Snip!t
3*(7-2) Snip!t
log10(1000) Snip!t
ISBN Numbers:
0-13-046109-1 Snip!t (also evaluated as an expression)
ISBN 0-12-218315-0 Snip!t
1857283996 Snip!t
Jul 28, 1960 Snip!t (past)
25th December 2006 Snip!t (future)
28/2/2003 Snip!t (and yes it is also 28 divided by 2 divided by 2003)
9/11/2001 Snip!t (but struggles with UK/US date formats - currently defaulting to UK, intending to use user preferences, page origin, etc, soon ...)
ISBN Snip!t
N.A.S.A. Snip!t
6 Play!!

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